Mayco, Consultoría Medioambiental


Management of Water Resources

Extraction Pre-feasibility Assessment

Hydro-geological and hydrological assessment of the potential of a basin and/or water system. Field, laboratory and geophysical techniques to identify water resources and focus on the subsequent use of such resources.

Design and Construction of Water-Extraction Facilities

Detailed engineering design of wells, drains, intakes and other water extraction facilities. Includes selection and assessment of technical and economic feasibility of available extraction technologies. Support in the selection of contractors and/or development of turn-key projects.

Design, Development and Assessment of Hydraulic Tests

Detailed engineering design, development and assessment of hydraulic tests to determine water extraction rates. Includes site-specific mathematical modeling.

Water Footprint

Multi-dimensional indicators of direct and indirect water use for the development of a product or activity. Includes all the stages of the production chain.