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Management of Contaminated Sites

Preliminary Environmental Assessment (Phase I)

Non-intrusive assessment of environmental conditions to identify and/or discard potential contamination. Helps select areas and narrow resources for further studies, if needed.

Detailed Environmental Assessment (Phase II)

Assessment of environmental conditions via sampling and lab tests. Helps identify and define the extent of potential contamination, allowing resources to be efficiently managed during subsequent studies, if required.

Risk Assessment (Tier I, II or III)

Quantitative assessment of risk to human health or the environment generated by the potential presence of pollutants. Establishes site-specific cleanup requirements via mathematical modeling. Helps managing resources in case remedial actions are needed.

Design and Implementation of Remediation Systems

Identify and select technologies that will help achieving cleanup objectives efficiently. Detailed engineering design, construction and operation of remediation systems until the site closure, including appropriate regulatory approvals.