Mayco, Consultoría Medioambiental


Fields of Expertise

Andrés Devoto M.

Expert on Environmental Law

Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies and Social Sciences / Diploma in Environmental Law and Performance of Competitive Companies, Environmental Law Center, Universidad de Chile. Nine years of experience as a legal expert on environmental law and occupational health and safety. In charge of environmental matters, including environmental audits, permitting, environmental management systems (ISO 14,001), integrated management systems (ISO 14,001 OSHAS, HACCP), compliance strategies of environmental regulations, preparation of legal chapters for environmental impact assessments and statements, preparation and processing of appeals and claims before the National Environmental Commission (CONAMA), and other administrative procedures associated with mining, industrial, agro-industrial, power, transportation, infrastructure and tourism projects.

Ana María Humaña

Expert in Flora

Master’s Degree in Biological Science, with a major in Botany from Chile’s Universidad Austral. Over 25 years experience; 15 years engaged in the preparation of environmental impact studies for companies in different fields. Has been involved in over 30 projects associated with the environmental assessment system, including environmental impact studies and statements, transfer of protected species and design of work plans for vegetation formations. Additionally, Ms. Humaña has more than 25 years experience in developing research projects in the field of botany, biodiversity and protected species. Ms. Humaña has over 30 scientific publications in indexed journals and seminars dealing with her field of expertise.

Walter Wilmans

Expert in Hydraulic Engineering

Civil Engineer, Master’s Degree in Engineering Sciences, expert in the assessment and modeling of surface and groundwater resources. Over 10 years experience, including decision-making and development strategies in the field of exploration and assessment of groundwater resources, and in the preparation and follow-up of requests for water rights. Additionally, Mr. Wilmans has been involved in the design and clean-up of landfills, including the design of drains, perimetric channels, choke stations and design of flood calculations. Mr. Wilmans also has experience in the design and construction of deep wells.

Jorge Rodríguez

Expert in Archaeology

Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology, major in Archaeology from Universidad de Chile. Over 20 years experience involving over 100 Studies or Statements related to the Environmental Impact Assessment System, in projects for roads, water systems, electricity, housing, mining, industry, sanitary and power for both State and private companies. Mr. Rodríguez has also been involved in nearly twenty Research Projects, conducted field and laboratory work for the Universidad de Chile, Fondecyt, MOP, Fondart and private entities. More than 40 scientific publications in Journals, Bulletins and national records.

María José Ugalde

Expert in Hydraulic Engineering and Mathematical Modeling

Civil Engineer with a diploma in Hydraulic Engineering from Chile’s Catholic University. Five years experience as environmental management consultant on efficient use of power, small hydro-power projects and non-conventional renewable energy, including wind projects in the pre-investment phase and prospecting for resources. She has implemented management and design tools for data modeling, wind data processing and hydrological measurements.